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American Legion Riders (ALR)

The purpose of the ALR is to promote and support programs of the American Legion, which may include participation in parades, charities, veteran’s issues, and many other events.

The ALR is not the same organization as the Patriot Guard Riders, although both groups support our veterans.  The Patriot Guard Riders got its start in August of 2005 with the American Legion Riders, chapter 136 in response to Westboro's protests at military funerals.  Today, ALR members often ride with the Patriot Guard.

For more information and a video on the Legion Riders: http://www.legion.org/riders/97109/legion-riders-overview.

If you have questions about joining the Post 202 Chapter, or any questions about the American Legion Riders, email: alrmo202@gmail.com.

To become a member you must be a member of the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, or the legal spouse of an ALR member in good standing within the Chapter of application.

Membership Requirements

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You must also be the owner of a motorcycle of at least 350cc engine displacement and must possess a valid motorcycle driver's license or endorsement in your state of residence (military equivalents acceptable as well). Proof of insurance is also required.

2022 Post 202 American Legion Riders Officers

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